Relieve Your Pain With A Chair

Living in this predominantly sedentary society, it doesn’t matter if you’re thinking about getting pregnant, in the early stages of pregnancy, 9 months pregnant, or going through post partum pains. The chief complaint I get from women are pains in the low back, pubic area, and hips.

Through the chiropractic adjustments, we are helping to reset the brain’s communication to all of the muscles, ligaments, joints, and organs at 100%, it just takes time. We are usually working through years of trauma when I first start taking care of most women. So in order to achieve faster symptom relief while balancing the nerve system with the chiropractic adjustments, I started recommending this video that addresses a very special muscle called: The Psoas.

The psoas muscle is one of the few muscles that attaches to the front of the body as well as to the bones of the lower back. So crazy how perfectly designed the body is. The job of this muscle is more than just a major hip flexor. It provides a dynamic balancing act for your body to perform just about every daily activity: walking, bending, even performing core exercises. The issue arises when this muscle is in constant contraction mode. When the psoas is not balancing by contracting and relaxing effectively we can experience symptoms such as: low back pain, groin pain, hip pain, knee issues, and even pelvic imbalances (which are all important during pregnancy).

So thanks to a special doula friend, Cassandra, who recommended the video to me and blessed so many of my moms, even grandmas, with relief.

To start releasing your psoas all you need is a stationary chair and an open mind and heart. Have fun! (click here for the video)

Let me know how you enjoy unraveling your powerful psoas!