My Parenting Mantra

Too often, I hear parents blame their kids and marriage for being out of shape, lacking time for self care, lacking money to go after their God-given vision.

Well, I’ve taken all of the excuses of lack and turned them into my why for mastering myself, especially when I start having kids.

Here is my mantra:

I am becoming a master of myself because I am the parent that is uplifted by my marriage and kids God has blessed me with. Instead of blaming them for my lack of health, lack of money, lack of happiness, I take action every day to better every area of my life because of them. I live a lifestyle that brings and keeps health in body to be able to play with my kids and great grand kids, to make love to my husband until we’re 120 (hehehe). I save, invest, and give abundantly to be an example for my kids. I am setting them up for success for generations to come. I understand that I am the only one to count on to bring joy in my life, not my circumstances. I will teach my kids that by the way I live and decisions that I make. 

Who are you blaming for the lack in your life? When are you going to change your mindset and live an abundant life?

I do know that my mantra will change, but the foundation will remain the same. I will always take responsibility for my life. Blame is not an option.